Features of writing an essay

Features of writing an essay

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Features of writing an essay

In higher educational institutions, a rather wide arsenal of tools for checking and controlling students’ knowledge is used. Among them people can also meet an essay. It is an independent creative written work with the provision of a detailed and reasoned presentation of the student’s point of view on the topic that is offered by the teacher or is chosen independently.

In its essence, an essay should summarize the results of the student’s own theoretical, taking into account the proposed topic. The material of this study can serve as literary sources proposed by the teacher, real or artificial empirical data. In such cases, the teacher sets himself the goal of diagnosing the productive and creative cognitive activity of students. As part of this, the latter is to conduct an analysis of information, interpretation and reasoning on the basis of the laws of pedagogical science, as well as a comparison of factual material, approaches, methods, alternatives, with the provision of a reasonable conclusion, a subjective assessment of the topic under consideration.

Writing an essay gives students the opportunity to:

  • organize your own independent activities;
  • reveal the depth and breadth of the studied material;
  • discover for themselves the non-learning aspects of the studied subject;
  • increase the degree of knowledge of the theory on the designated subject;
  • consider the material under a non-standard (creative) and original perspective;
  • train the skills of clear and competent wording of thoughts with the observance of the narration logic;
  • develop associative thinking rather than reproductive;
  • operate with quotations, examples, arguments and evidence in the framework of the studied topic;
  • to diversify the forms of practiced study;
  • increase motivation;

Based on domestic and foreign experience of introducing an essay into the higher educational process, there are four options for using this type of writing:

1. Essay – is a written form of a test in the context of a specific subject area.

2. Essay as an option for independent creative work, performed in the form of homework.

3. Essay-control (independent) work – is carried out in seminars or practical classes in order to consolidate the material studied.

4. Essay as a free essay – the implementation of this type of written work takes no more than 30 minutes and is carried out to summarize the results of the lesson, concise wording of the considered material and conclusions on the topic.